Wonder woman Girls Tiara


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Wonder woman Mask:

Perfect for fancy dress parties, school dress up days or just everyday play.

Handmade from a soft felt material and include an elasticated band for a comfortable fit.


All children are different sizes but we recommend these for 4+ age groups as a rough guide.

Wonder Woman’s iconic tiara is a symbol of strength, justice, and empowerment. Crafted with meticulous detail and imbued with mystical qualities, this tiara encapsulates the essence of the Amazonian warrior princess.

Design and Material

The tiara boasts a regal design that seamlessly blends elegance with warrior aesthetics. At its core, a durable and lightweight gold alloy forms the base, providing both resilience and grace. The front of the tiara features the unmistakable emblem of Wonder Woman – the golden W-shaped symbol, radiating power and purpose.

Mystical Gemstone Centerpiece:

Nestled at the heart of the tiara is a mesmerizing ruby-red gemstone, believed to be infused with the mystical powers of Themyscira. The gem emits a subtle glow, symbolizing Wonder Woman’s connection to her divine origins and the strength she draws from her Amazonian roots.

Adjustable and Comfortable:

Designed for practicality, the tiara features an adjustable band that ensures a secure and comfortable fit for warriors of all sizes. The versatility of the tiara makes it a suitable companion for both battle and diplomacy, a testament to Wonder Woman’s multifaceted role as a protector and ambassador.

Versatile Combat Abilities:

The tiara, not just a symbol, serves a dual purpose as a formidable weapon. Crafted to perfection, its razor-sharp edges enable Wonder Woman to use it as a throwing weapon with incredible accuracy. Showcasing her unparalleled combat skills.

In conclusion, Wonder Woman’s tiara stands as a masterpiece of design. Embodying the strength, history, and mystical essence of the Amazonian warrior. A symbol of empowerment and justice, it crowns the head of a hero who continues to inspire generations with her unwavering courage and compassion.

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