Set of 3 Baking Mats


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Set of 3 Silicone Baking Mats Sheet Reusable Non-Stick Tray Mats Cookies Pastry. Condition is New. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st class delivery. The color is white with red borders. 3 different sizes.

size 1 : 42*29.5cm*0.7mm

size 2 : 30*40cm*0.7mm

size 3 : 30*21cm*0.7mm.

Colour White



Keep trays, sheets, and pans clean, in ovens and microwaves made of safe, heat-resistant materials, in the refrigerator, or on the table to prevent ironing on the table surface to protect your table Non-stick pans

it is dishwashers safe, can be placed in drawers or placed in cabinets for storage. In addition, these pads have a non-slip surface to help you knead the dough, protect the dough in the refrigerator and act as a placemat to prevent Keeping the table clean when messy! The structure of the mat allows for optimal heat distribution and uniform cooking in a shorter period of time. Easy to clean, hand wash, dishwasher, or wipe with a wet wipe. Wash thoroughly before using for the first time.

 ▪ Specifications:

Product color: White

Product accessories: no

Product size: 420 *295 * 0.7 mm, 300 * 400 * 0.7mm, 300 * 210 * 0.7 mm

Product material:silicone

Product style:stylish

Features:DishwasherSafe, Easy Clean, Non-Stick

Model: SiliconeBaking Mat*3

Type:SiliconeBaking Mat


▪ Package Includes:

1x 3pcs Silicone baking mat

Due to the influence of the display and the light of the photo, there may be a gap between the color of the goods and the picture you received.


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