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Super Hero Arch Set

Uses: As weddings, birthdays, holidays, celebrations, parties, dances and other best decorations.

Easy to Assemble:
1, Inflate the balloon and tie, slot the balloons into the included balloon chain(insert 1 balloon every 1 or 2 holes)
2, Cut off the excess balloon chain and put the ribbon through the balloon chain hole on the part that needs to fix.
3, Tape the ribbon to the wall and make your favorite shape according to the venue.

 Super Hero set Includes:

13 Pcs Happy Birthday Banner

5 x 30 inch Super Hero Balloons

2 x Musical Note Balloons

1 x 10 Inch Blue Star Balloon

2 x 10 Inch Silver Star Balloon

1 x 10 Inch Red Star Balloon

1 x 18 Inch Red Star Balloon

2 x Shield Balloons

2 x Rocket Ship Balloons

25 x Red Balloons

25 x Blue Balloons

3 x Blue Party Curtains

100 x Glue Dots

1 x Balloon Arch Tape

1 x Straw

Due to difference in monitors colors may differ slightly.



Transition seamlessly from the lightning-fast speed of The Flash, To the incredible strength of Superman. As you explore the diverse array of balloons in this set. The active design ensures that each balloon becomes a focal point, engaging guests and setting the stage for a heroic celebration filled with action and excitement.

Perfect for a variety of events, our Superhero Balloon Set adds an exhilarating touch to birthdays, comic book parties, or any occasion where superheroes take center stage. The versatile size and diverse superhero designs make these balloons suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, allowing you to effortlessly customize your event with a dynamic and thrilling ambiance.

The balloon set is thoughtfully curated, offering an assortment of sizes, styles, and designs. Whether it’s individual latex balloons featuring your favorite superheroes. Or a dynamic mix showcasing a superhero ensemble, each element contributes to a cohesive and visually striking balloon display.

To enhance your decorating experience, we provide convenient delivery options, bringing this Superhero Balloon Set directly to your doorstep. Ready to inflate and elevate your celebration, these balloons are a hassle-free addition that promises to transform your event into a superhero haven.

Whether displayed as standalone decorations, part of a heroic balloon arrangement, or scattered throughout your venue, our Superhero Balloon Set radiates an active and festive presence. They create an immersive experience, ensuring that your celebration isn’t just an event but a thrilling journey into the extraordinary world of superheroes.

Embrace the superhero spirit and let this balloon set be the highlight of your gathering. Order now and infuse your party with the excitement and heroism of superheroes. Turning every moment into a celebration filled with action, camaraderie, and the magic of extraordinary characters!

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