Eyebrow Brow Razor (3 pcs)


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12 x Eyebrow Shaver Dermaplaning Painless Portable Facial Razor Trimmer 


Using a facial hair razor is a safe, gentle, and effective way of removing soft hairs.

It is milder than pulling, waxing or threading, therefore, reducing pain and redness.

Easy to use eyebrow razors to shape your eyebrows.

Lightweight and non-slip grip for easy control.


Total Length: 14.8 cm; Blade Length: 3.6 cm


Stainless steel razor glides over skin with no irritation. Each razor comes with a protective cap to allow safe storage and prolongs its shelf life. Ergonomic handles which can be gripped easily to provide stability. Perfect for the removal or trimming of fine hairs of the eyebrow, neck and face as well as unnecessary hairs elsewhere.


Use warm water to open pores then dry the area with a towel. Glide the razor softly in the direction the hair is growing to prevent in growing hair. If the hair is stubborn use caution when shaving against the grain of the hair. Apply shaving cream if necessary. After use, be sure to place the protective cap for safety & ensure the razors are kept out of children’s reach.

1 Pack Includes 3 Pcs


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