Dinosaur Theme


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Uses: as the wedding, birthday, holiday, anniversary, the company opened, celebrations, parties, dance, and other best decoration.

Easy to Assemble:
1, Inflate the balloon and tie, slot the balloons into the included balloon chain(insert 1 balloon every 1 or 2 holes)
2, Cut off the excess balloon chain and put the ribbon through the balloon chain hole on the part that needs to fix.
3, Tape the ribbon to the wall and make your favorite shape according to the venue.


214 Pcs Dinosaur Arch Set

10 x 10 Inch Light Green Balloons

7 x 10 Inch Light Green Agate Balloons

10 x 10 Inch Blackish Green Latex Balloons

3 x 10 Inch Black Agate Balloons

32 x 10 Inch Fruit Green Balloons

3 X 10 Inch yellow Balloons

3 x 5 Inch Yellow Balloons

10 x 5 Inch Fruit green Balloons

10 x 5 inch Light Green Balloons

1 x Balloon Chain

1 x 100 Glue Dot Roll

13 Pcs Happy Birthday Foil Balloon Banner

1 x Palm Tree

1 x Blue Dinosaur

1 x Green Dinosaur

1 x Brown Dinosaur

1 x Dino Cake Topper

1 x Dino Tattoos


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