Gold Birthday Balloon set



These beautiful gold balloons are perfect for both an adult or child’s party.
High quality self-sealing balloon. When inflated with helium will float for several days.

This Set includes:

1 x Happy birthday Foil Banner

1 X Foil Shimmer Curtain

2 x Heart Foil Balloon 18 inch

2 x Star Foil Balloons 18 inch

10 x Chrome Balloons 12 inch

10 x Confetti Balloons 12 Inch

1 x Ribbon

1 x Straw


  1. Please Be Reminded That Due To Lighting Effects And Monitor’s Brightness/Contrast Settings Etc, The Colour Tone Of The Website’s Photo And The Actual Item Could Be Slightly Different.:

A birthday balloon set is more than just a bunch of inflated rubber; it’s a vibrant expression of celebration and joy. From its colorful array to its buoyant presence, a well-curated balloon set can transform any space into a festive haven. Let’s delve into the components and details that make up a delightful birthday balloon set.

I. Variety of Balloons:

To begin with, a diverse assortment of balloons forms the cornerstone of any birthday balloon set.

  • 1. Latex Balloons: This versatile Gold Birthday Balloon Set
  • come in a myriad of hues, offering a spectrum of colors to suit any theme or preference.
  • 2. Foil Balloons: Adding an extra touch of sparkle and shine, foil balloons come in various shapes and designs, from traditional numbers to whimsical characters.
  • 3. Confetti Balloons: For a dash of excitement and flair, confetti-filled balloons bring an element of surprise and delight to the ensemble.

II. Accessories and Enhancements:

Complementing our Gold Birthday Balloon Set are a range of accessories that elevate the overall presentation.

  • 1. Ribbon and String: Providing a means for suspension and decoration, vibrant ribbons and strings add movement and charm to the Gold Birthday Balloon Set
  • 2. Balloon Weights: Essential for keeping the balloons grounded, decorative weights come in various styles, from metallic to themed shapes, ensuring stability without compromising aesthetics.



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