Pikachu Foil Balloon 3D


Great for Birthday Parties & Celebrations

  • These balloons can be filled with either helium or air.
  • Recommend to use a balloon pump to inflate if using air.
  • This item comes flat & unfilled in an envelope/package.
  • This comes with an inflating straw.

Size : 66×50 cm approx

The Pikachu foil balloon is a captivating addition to any celebration, bringing the beloved Pokémon character to life in a shiny and whimsical form.

Appearance and Design:

The Pikachu foil balloon boasts a vibrant and eye-catching design, featuring the iconic yellow hue of Pikachu’s fur, complete with its endearing pointy ears and rosy cheeks. The balloon’s surface is coated with a glossy finish, enhancing its visual appeal and making it stand out in any setting.

Material and Durability:

Crafted from durable foil material, this balloon ensures longevity and resilience. The foil not only adds a shimmering effect but also prevents air leaks, allowing the balloon to float gracefully for an extended period, making it an ideal choice for both short and long-lasting celebrations.

Size and Inflation:

Measuring an impressive 66×50 cm, the Pikachu foil balloon strikes the perfect balance between visibility and practicality. Easily inflated with helium or air, it transforms into a delightful floating character, ready to enchant guests and participants alike.

Versatility in Celebrations:

Whether it’s a birthday party, a Pokémon-themed event, or a surprise gathering, the Pikachu foil balloon is a versatile accessory that seamlessly complements various celebrations. Its universal charm transcends age boundaries, making it a delightful addition to both children and adult festivities.

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