12 Pcs Red & Pink Paper Fans


These fans come in 3 different sizes:

4 Pcs x 8 inch

4 Pcs x 12 inch

4 Pcs x 16 inch

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These beautiful paper fan for perfect for  party themes like baby shower, Christmas, wedding, birthday or family gathering, room, garden, event decorations, photo shoot etc


Each Pack contain 6 flat packed paper fans with 3 sizes (2×8 inch, 2×12 inch, 2×16 inch), so for 6 pcs order you will receive 1 pack, and 12PCs order will be 2 packs.


High quality paper material, lightweight, durable, reusable and easy to be stored


Easy to stick them on the wall, hang above the table, ceiling, in the hallway or on the tree, etc.

How to Use:

Every party paper fans has the hanging string attached, free paper clips, assemble paper fans in minutes, just unfold and connect two ends together with clips


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